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Mechanical Response of Mouse Cervices Lacking Decorin and Biglycan during Pregnancy: Data

Lee, Nicole; Shi, Lei; Colon Caraballo, Mariano; Nallasamy, Shanmugasundaram; Iozzo, Renato V.; Mahendroo, Mala; Myers, Kristin M.

These files contain mechanical data from a study evaluating the mechanical role of small leucine rich proteoglycans in the murine cervix during pregnancy.

The experimental_data folder contains a .csv file corresponding to each tested sample. Each file includes the experimental data of each tensile test.

The names of the file indicate the sample information and follow the format: gestation_genotype_sample#.
Gestation: NP = nonpregnant, d18 = gestation day 18.
Genotype: WT = wildtype, DcnKO = Dcn^{-/-}Bgn^{+/+}, BgnKO = Dcn^{+/+}Bgn^{-/-}
DB = Dcn^{-/-}Bgn^{+/-}, BD = Dcn^{+/-}Bgn^{-/-}, and DKO = Dcn^{-/-}Bgn^{-/-}
sample#: 1-5 (except for DKO)
For example, NP_WT_1_raw_data corresponds to nonpregnant wildtype sample #1.

In these files, the columns correspond to: Time [s], Force [N], cervical opening [mm], standard deviation of cervical opening [mm], width [mm], standard deviation of width [mm], length [mm], standard deviation of length [mm], height [mm], and standard deviation of height [mm]. The time and force data are from the universal testing machine and the geometries are determined by segmented camera images.


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Mechanical Engineering
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March 9, 2022


Keywords: cervix, preterm birth, decorin, biglycan, extracellular matrix, biomechanics, constitutive modeling