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Columbia University Division of Nephrology Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Pairing Tool & Dashboard

Stevens, Jacob S.; Toma, Katherine

This workbook is designed to assist nephrology providers efficiently pair patients on continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) on alternating days and to facilitate the movement of machines between patients across different intensive care units (ICU).

For patients requiring CRRT, providers confirm their current status (on or off CRRT) and whether each patient needs to continue on their current schedule or modify the schedule. Given the alternating day CRRT schedule, each day is automatically designated as either A or B and patients sharing machines are balanced between the 2 days. Machines are assigned a numerical code which is linked to their radio-frequency ID to track their movement and location throughout the hospital. Each patient is assigned a potential pairing and machine number which allows the tool to identify whether each patient is unpaired, paired, or inappropriately allocated. The number of patients requiring CRRT for that specific day is totaled and then subtotaled by ICU location. This pairing information feeds into the CRRT Sharing Protocol Dashboard which displays the names, ICU location, room number, and machine number of the 2 patients in a pair and guides coordinators in charge of physically moving the machine from one patient to the next after the RRT huddle. It also allows for pairing of patients based on geography and to make more efficient pairs. Such a system allows for hour-by-hour changes to be centralized and tracked and facilitates resource allocation.


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June 8, 2020


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