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Temperature-Salinity Data from mooring M3, northwest Weddell Sea, 1999-2019

Huber, Bruce A.; Gordon, Arnold L.

This project maintains an array of oceanographic moorings south of the South Orkney Islands in the Northwest Weddell Sea to provide a time series of the properties of the combined outflow of Antarctic Deep and Bottom Water drawn from various sites within the Weddell Sea. The goal of this project is to observe the properties of the Weddell deep and bottom waters as they exit the Weddell system. The data obtained over the course of a decade and more can be used to better understand deep water formation and long term changes in ocean circulation and their relation to the climate system.

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More About This Work


Files in this archive contain temperature-salinity and conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profiles collected as part of an ongoing project funded by NOAA’s Climate Program Office / Ocean Observation and Monitoring Division, Arnold L. Gordon, Principal Investigator.
Two moorings have been maintained in the Northwest Weddell Sea, Antarctica, since 1999.

Please see Temperature-Salinity_Data_Weddell_Mooring_M3.pdf for project description and more details concerning the data files.
Temperature-Salinity data from mooring M3, and CTD profiles from the vicinity of the mooring from 1999 to 2019 are collected in this archive as two files:
M3_davag_190320.mat – matlab mat file containing data structures for temperature/salinity sensor daily average data for 8 deployments (as described in Fig 3 below) – CTD profile data collected during mooring servicing cruises at and near the M2 and M3 mooring sites from US Antarctic Program vessels L M GOULD and N B PALMER.