Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 33, issue 2 (1978)

“The Crisis In American Church Historiography” by David W. Lotz, 67

“Creation and Liberation” by George M. Landes, 79

“Historical Change and Conceptions of Justice: Papal Social Teaching 1922-1977” by Chris Gudorf, 91

Book Reviews, 101
“Once To Everyman: A Memoir” by William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

“Is There Hope For The City?” by Donald Shriver & Karl Ostrom

“Brother To A Dragonfly” by Will D. Campbell

“Liberation and Change” by Gustavo Guitierrex & Richard Shaull

“Revolutionary Patience” by Dorothee Sölle

“Farewell To Innocence: A Socio-Ethical Study on Black Theology and Power” by Allen Boesak

“The Radical Imperative: From Theology to Social Ethics” by John C. Bennett

“Creativity in Henry Nelson Wieman” by William S. Minor

“Blessed Rage For Order: The New Pluralism In Theology” by David Tracy

“Moby Dick and Calvin: A World Dismantaled” by T. Walter Herbert

“The Reflections of Theology In Literature: A Case Study in Theology and Culture” by William Mallard

Books Received, 124


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