One in Four Individuals of African-American Ancestry Harbors a 5.5kb Deletion at chromosome 11q13.1

Zainabadi, Kayvan; Jain, Anuja V.; Donovan, Frank X.; Elashoff, David; Rao, Nagesh P.; Vundavalli, Murty V.; Chandrasekharappa, Settara C.; Srivatsan, Eri S.

Cloning and sequencing of 5.5kb deletion at chromosome 11q13.1 from the HeLa cells, tumorigenic hybrids and two fibroblast cell lines has revealed homologous recombination between AluSx and AluY resulting in the deletion of intervening sequences. Long-range PCR of the 5.5kb sequence in 494 normal lymphocyte samples showed heterozygous deletion in 28.3% of African- American ancestry samples but only in 4.8% of Caucasian samples (p<0.0001). This observation is strengthened by the copy number variation (CNV) data of the HapMap samples which showed that this deletion occurs in 27% of YRI (Yoruba – West African) population but none in non- African populations. The HapMap analysis further identified strong linkage disequilibrium between 5 single nucleotide polymorphisms and the 5.5kb deletion in the people of African ancestry. Computational analysis of 175kb sequence surrounding the deletion site revealed enhanced flexibility, low thermodynamic stability, high repetitiveness, and stable stem-loop/ hairpin secondary structures that are hallmarks of common fragile sites.


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August 26, 2019