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Food Folio by the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders

Schebendach, Janet; Mayer, Laurel; Foerde, Karin Elaine; Gianini, Loren; Walsh, B. Timothy; Steinglass, Joanna

The Food Folio created by the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders is a stimulus set containing 138 high resolution color photographs of food-items. Each item was photographed situated on the center of a white plate, surrounded by a black background. Foods were prepared and photographed in-house by a professional photographer. Items for the set include a mix of: processed (e.g., pizza); unprocessed (e.g., cucumber sticks); sweet (e.g., brownie); savory (e.g., chicken fingers); single item (e.g., boiled eggs); item combinations (e.g., cereal with milk); snack foods (e.g., yoghurt pretzels); and meals (e.g., rigatoni and sauce).

This set of food items was generated with the original purpose of research in eating disorders. The stimulus set is also useful for probing eating behavior and cognition in healthy populations. Of the 138 foods, 76 items are considered low-fat (defined as deriving < 30% of total calories from fat), and 62 are high-fat. Nutrient content (calories and macronutrients) and physical image properties are presented alongside the images.

Data collected from a large and normative United States population sample (n=1054) accompany the stimulus set:
1) Ratings of 17 different attributes are presented: protein content; fat content; carbohydrate content; vitamin content; sodium content; sugar content; gluten content; caloric content; healthiness; tastiness; how tasty others think the food is; fillingness; savoriness; pleasantness of texture; disgusting; feelings of happiness or sadness evoked from the food; and familiarity.
2) Choice data include the number of times each food-item was selected in a binary choice task, indexing preference or value.


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November 2, 2020


Keywords: cognition; eating; eating disorders; eating behavior; food; image; stimulus set