Enid Lorimer

Terpstra, Mirte

Enid Lorimer was born in London in 1887 as Enid Bosworth Nunn. She eventually became an Australian citizen, however, and died in Sydney on July 15, 1982, a month after she received a Medal of the Order of Australia for the Performing Arts. Lorimer was a theatre actress almost all her life, but also participated in many radio plays and television series in both Britain and Australia. Much less is known about her involvement as a scenarist in the early British film industry. As a result only one confirmed writing credit exists for Lorimer. Although Lorimer was asked about her involvement in early film as part of an interview for the Australia Film Council On Stage! series in 1979, by that time she was ninety-one and not surprisingly did not recall the full details. Another factor in our limited knowledge of Lorimer’s early film career is the lack of attributed credits for early British films. Few extant film prints survive, and as a rule, the trade press did not mention either scenarists or other production staff (Wolstencroft 2009).


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