Cytogenetic analysis of 130 renal oncocytomas identify three distinct and mutually exclusive diagnostic classes of chromosome aberrations

Anderson, Christopher B.; Lipsky, Michael; Nandula, Subhadra; Freeman, Christopher Edward; Matthews, Thomas; Walsh, Caitlin; Li, Gen; Szabolcs, Matthias; Mansukhani, Mahesh M.; McKiernan, James M.; Vundavalli, Murty V.

The cytogenetic alterations in renal oncocytoma (RO) are poorly understood. We analyzed 130 consecutive RO for karyotypic alterations. Clonal chromosome abnormalities were identified in 63 (49%) cases, which could be categorized into three classes of mutually exclusive cytogenetic categories. Class 1 (N = 20) RO had diploid karyotypes with characteristic 11q13 rearrangement in balanced translocations with 10 or more different chromosome partners in all cases. We identified recurrent translocation partners at 5q35, 6p21, 9p24, 11p13-14, and 11q23, and confirmed that CCND1 gene rearrangement at 11q13 utilizing fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Class 2 RO (N = 25) exhibited hypodiploid karyotypes with loss of chromosome 1 and/or losses of Y in males and X in females in all cases. The class 3 tumors comprising of 18 cases showed diverse types of abnormalities with the involvement of two or more chromosomes exclusive of abnormalities seen in classes 1 and 2 tumors. Furthermore, karyotypically uninformative cases were subjected to FISH analysis to identify classes 1 and 2 abnormalities. In this group, we found similar frequencies of CCND1 rearrangement, loss of chromosome 1 or Y as with karyotypically abnormal cases. We validated our results against 91 tumors from the Mitelman database. Correlation of clinical data with all the three classes of ROs showed no clear evidence of overall patient survival. Our findings support the hypothesis that RO exhibit three principal cytogenetic categories, which may have different roles in initiation and/or progression. These cytogenetic markers provide a key tool in the diagnostic evaluation of RO.


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July 8, 2019