Cognitive Load Theory for debriefing simulations: implications for faculty development

Fraser, Kristin L.; Meguerdichian, Michael J.; Haws, Jolene T.; Grant, Vincent J.; Bajaj, Komal; Cheng, Adam

The debriefing is an essential component of simulation-based training for healthcare professionals, but learning this complex skill can be challenging for simulation faculty. There are multiple competing priorities for a debriefer’s attention that can contribute to a high mental workload, which may adversely affect debriefer performance and consequently learner outcomes. In this paper, we conceptualize the debriefer as a learner of debriefing skills and we discuss Cognitive Load Theory to categorize the many potential mental loads that can affect the faculty debriefer as learner. We then discuss mitigation strategies that can be considered by faculty development programmes to enhance professional development of debriefing staff.


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April 3, 2019