Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 65, issue 3-4 (2015)

"Editor's Introduction" by Wyman, i

"Guest Editor Introduction: 'THIS!': A Word on Repaying Our 'Debts of the Spirit'" by Everett, iii

"Uncovering Desire: Explorations in Eros, Aggression and the Question of Theosis in Marriage" by Chaudhari, 1

"Gaze of Grace: Revisiting the Immaculate Conception in Light of DW Winnicott's Concept of Maternal-infant Mirroring" by DeGear, 9

Remagining in Order to Reimage God: A Depth Psychological Look at the Book of Job in Relation to the Deuteronomistic History and Its Application for Today" by Houck-Loomis, 23

"Ann Belford Ulanov: Professor" by Fogarty, 42

"'No More a Stranger, Nor A Guest, But Like a Child at Home': Hostility and Hospitality in a 'Non-Religious' Pastoral Encounter in Hospice" by Wise, 46

"The Deep Structure of Imagination" by Lamborn, 66

"A Post-9/11 reflection on Mourning, Splitting, and the Failure of the Good Object, Preceded by musings on doctoral work under Dr Ann Belford Ulanov" by Swain, 83

"Neoliberalism's Eschewal of Dependency Putting the Work of Ann Ulanov in Conversation with Economic Theory" by Van Denend, 106


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