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The Interplay of Urbanization, Climate Change, Green Infrastructure, and Biodiversity Preservation in Los Angeles

Li, Jinxin

Urbanization has posed significant challenges for a majority of cities, which can lead to negative impacts on both people’s living environment and biodiversity. This paper explores the intricate relationships among urbanization, climate change, green infrastructure, and biodiversity preservation, focused on Los Angeles County, particularly Los Angeles City.

Urbanization presents multifaceted challenges to cities, transforming landscapes and ecosystems, often at the expense of biodiversity and ecological balance. Concurrently, climate change exacerbates these effects, evidenced by alterations in habitats and the distribution patterns of species, thereby underscoring the pivotal role of green infrastructure as a fundamental solution. This approach not only promotes resilience but also moves towards sustainable urban development by integrating natural systems with urban planning to enhance ecological health and urban livability. By combining these themes, this study aims to show how urban ecosystems are shaped by changing interactions, emphasizing the need for fast and innovative combined urban planning and policy.

At the core of this study are nature-based solutions (NbS) and green infrastructure, identified as effective strategies for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. These approaches not only address environmental imperatives but also enhance the quality of life in urban settings. Focusing on Los Angeles County, this research evaluates regional policies, practices, and case studies that have shaped the urban landscape, assessing their implications for environmental conservation and urban development. Through an extensive literature review, interviews with key stakeholders, and analysis of governmental and non-governmental initiatives, this paper synthesizes insights into the challenges and opportunities present in implementing green infrastructure and NbS.

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Sarmiento, Hugo
M.S., Columbia University
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May 29, 2024