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The International Phenomenon of Freedom Colonies: the original resistance, the archetypal safe spaces

Cuba, Darold

Since the inception of Western colonialism, the targeted peoples escaped the terrorism of Racialized Inheritable Phenotypic One-Drop - Chattel Atlantic Slave Trade Economy (RIPOD-CASTE) slavery, indigenous mass genocides, Jim Crow, Black Codes, and other human rights abuses, creating their own “colonies of freedom” and successfully protecting these “safe spaces.” Palenques in Colombia, quilombos and mocambos in Brazil, maroons throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, the Great Dismal Swamp region of North America and Asia, “freedom countries” like Haiti, and Liberia, and the numerous "freedmen settlements" across the North American continent, as well as such other communities, also exist throughout Africa and Australia. The original safe spaces, and the archetype of #TheResistance, these resistance communities are testimony to the legacy of freedom and liberation colonized peoples have created for themselves since the inception of Western colonialism.

Keywords: freedom colonies, decolonization, indigenization, human rights abuses


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Oral History Master of Arts
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Clark, Mary Marshall
M.A., Columbia University
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October 18, 2023