Microwave Reflection Tomographic Array fo rDamage Detection of Civil Structures

Feng, Maria Q.; Kim, Yoo Jin; Jofre, Luis; De Flaviis, Franco

Microwave tomographic imaging technology using a bifocusing operator has been developed in order to detect the internal voids/objects inside concrete structures. The imaging system consists of several cylindrical or planar array antennas for transmitting and receiving signals, and a numerical focusing operator is applied to the external signals both in transmitting and in receiving fields. An imaging algorithm using a numerical focusing operator was developed, which allows the recovery of a two-dimensional object from its scattered field. Numerical simulation demonstrated that a subsurface image can be successfully reconstructed by using the proposed tomographic imaging technology. For experimental verification, a prototype planar antenna array was fabricated and tested on a concrete specimen.


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IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society

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Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
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March 27, 2013