Copyright Issues and Section 108 Reform

Rasenberger, Mary

"It is really nice to be here. This is a subject that is very near and dear to my
heart, in part because of the Section 108 Study Group that I worked on for almost
three years.
I was at the Library of Congress and worked with the National Digital
Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. I was sort of the
in-house manager, slash administrator, slash secretary for the Section 108 Study
It was a group put together by the Library of Congress and the Copyright
Office to look at revising § 108, which is the section of the Copyright Act for
exceptions for libraries and archives, and to update it for the new technological
My job on the study group was really just to make sure the work got done,
help facilitate it, and I wasn’t allowed to have any of my own opinions—at least I
tried. Peter Hirtle and June Besek, who were in the group, are laughing because I
tried, but sometimes I think my opinions came through."


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May 26, 2011