Patch contribution to near-field radiative energy transfer and van derWaals pressure between two half-spaces

Zheng, Yi; Narayanaswamy, Arvind

Near-field effects in fluctuational electrodynamics leads to enhancement of radiative energy transfer as well as the emergence of van der Waals and/or Casimir pressure. While much has been learned from the analysis of near-field interactions between two half-spaces separated by a vacuum gap, we shed new light on the problem by finding how much of a surface patch on one of the half-spaces contributes to the energy transfer or van der Waals pressure at any location within the vacuum gap. We show that energy transfer and fluctuation-induced van der Waals pressure at any point on the surface of one half-space are qualitatively and quantitatively different due to the dissimilar zones of influence of interactions. We also show that the contributions from different surface patches are qualitatively similar for half-spaces with dielectric materials (silica, silicon carbide) and half-spaces with metals (gold).


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Physical Review A

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October 3, 2014