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Unconventional CVD Graphene and MoO3 Electronics for Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)

Kim, Hyungsik

Two dimensional (2D) materials have been explosively researched since the discovery of graphene but the applications of 2D materials have been extremely constrained because of a variety of shortcomings in the materials such as zero bandgap in graphene or defective growth techniques for wide-bandgap materials. Nonetheless, such novel materials are very promising in the doomed situation which Moore’s law keeps slowing down. Graphene and αMoO3 have been particularly of interest because graphene has developed large-scale growth methods and αMoO3 has wide bandgap. In case of graphene, searching for the applications with zero bandgap has been important and in the other, αMoO3 has not been developed for large-scale growth techniques yet even though the applications are strongly expected to be developed. In this thesis, unconventional CVD graphene electronics and large scale αMoO3 synthesis have been studied for very large scale integration (VLSI). A 512 flexible graphene voltage amplifier array and the highest peak-to-valley current ratio NDR devices emitting green color in graphene nanogap are presented so that large-scale CMOS compatible circuit integration can be available for bio and RF (radio frequency) applications. Having 2.8eV bandgap, a large-scale growth method for αMoO3 is developed for the first time showing ambipolar and memristive behaviors.


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Academic Units
Electrical Engineering
Thesis Advisors
Shepard, Kenneth L.
Ph.D., Columbia University
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October 19, 2018