The place of the tyrant in Machiavelli's political thought and the literary genre of The prince

Giorgini, Giovanni

"My project at the Italian Academy concerns how to create good citizens in a multicultural
society through a reform of education. In my previous paper I tried to show how an
Aristotelian approach seems to be the most promising model of education. The typical
objection to such an approach is that it “idealizes” too much the real situation of human
beings and their ‘nature,’ which has a lot of negative features neglected by the neoAristotelians.
In this paper I aim to show how Machiavelli’s political writings aim at
permanently educate the real statesman, teaching him the primary duty of responsibility
and the virtue of prudence. Machiavelli, the champion of political realism, becomes thus an
ally of Aristotle in educating good citizens."


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March 31, 2011