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Perspectives on investing in the U.S. and Japan

The Program on Alternative Investments, under the aegis of the Center on Japanese Economy and Business and in cooperation with the Japan Business Association of Columbia Business School, launched its first seminar on September 17, 2002. The event featured Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co. LLC, and was moderated by Dr. Mark Mason, Director of the Program. Mr. Ross' presentation focused on the differences in private equity investing between the US and Japan, based in part on his analysis of macroeconomic contrasts between the two countries. Following are excerpts of Mr. Ross' presentation together with selections from the subsequent question and answer period. The Program on Alternative Investments will hold monthly seminars throughout the academic year on private equity, hedge fund and real estate investing in Japan and elsewhere in East Asia.



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April 28, 2011