Carreres y Vallo, F., Los Amantes, tragedia original de Andres Rey de Artieda (Book Review)

Buchanan, Milton A.

Our gratitude towards Sr. Carreres for reprinting the unique copy of the first dramatic version (1581) of los Amantes de Teruel, is tempered by regret that he should have seen fit to limit his edition to fifty-one copies. The interest of Artieda's tragedy is, to be sure, largely historical: it is the only play by the author still extant; it treats a popular, national, and almost contemporaneous subject (ça. 1535), in accordance with pseudo-classic principles, discarding, however, royal personages; it is probably the oldest extant Valencian play of the school which immediately followed Timoneda's; it served as a model for the mediocre version of a great dramatist, Tirso de Molina; and, finally, every play of the last decade of the sixteenth century, when the New Comedy was being evolved, is of interest, at least to the student, and deserves to be made accessible.

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June 23, 2015


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