Luquiens, F. B., The Reconstruction of the Original Chanson de Roland (Book Review)

Will, J. A.

This paper is announced as the introduction to a series the purpose of which is the reconstruction of the original Roland. The author hopes by methods of literary criticism to be able to fashion a text which will be open to fewer objections than those we already possess. "Although the Chanson de Roland has been studied for three-quarters of a century, many of its problems, including several of the most important ones, are as yet unsolved. In the opinion of the present writer, however, a great number of these problems are solvable if the following thesis be proved—that the original Chanson de Roland was a poem of marked and consistent technical excellence." To prove the "marked and consistent technical excellence" of the original poem, Mr. Luquiens deems it sufficient to establish the merits of a more or less distant relative.

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July 21, 2015


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