Dynamic 3D Scene Depth Reconstruction via Optical Flow Field Rectification

Yang, You; Liu, Qiong; Ji, Rongrong; Gao, Yue

In this paper, we propose a depth propagation scheme based on optical flow field rectification towards more accurate depth reconstruction. In depth reconstruction, the occlusions and low-textural regions easily result in optical flow field errors, which lead ambiguous depth value or holes without depth in the obtained depth map. In this work, a scheme is proposed to improve the precision of depth propagation and the quality of depth reconstruction for dynamic scene. The proposed scheme first adaptively detects the occlusive or low-textural regions, and the obtained vectors in optical flow field are rectified properly. Subsequently, we process the occluded and ambiguous vectors for more precise depth propagation. We further leverage the boundary enhancement filters as a post-processing to sharpen the object boundaries in obtained depth maps for better quality. Quantitative evaluations show that the proposed scheme can reconstruct depth map with higher accuracy and better quality compared with the state-of-the-art methods.


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April 7, 2017