Design, simulation and evaluation of kinematic alternatives for Insertable Robotic Effectors Platforms in Single Port Access Surgery

Ding, Jienan; Xu, Kai; Goldman, Roger Eric; Allen, Peter K.; Fowler, Dennis L.; Simaan, Nabil

This paper presents the task specifications for designing a novel Insertable Robotic Effectors Platform (IREP) with integrated stereo vision and surgical intervention tools for Single Port Access Surgery (SPAS). This design provides a compact deployable mechanical architecture that may be inserted through a single Ø15 mm access port. Dexterous surgical intervention and stereo vision are achieved via the use of two snake-like continuum robots and two controllable CCD cameras. Simulations and dexterity evaluation of our proposed design are compared to several design alternatives with different kinematic arrangements. Results of these simulations show that dexterity is improved by using an independent revolute joint at the tip of a continuum robot instead of achieving distal rotation by transmission of rotation about the backbone of the continuum robot. Further, it is shown that designs with two robotic continuum robots as surgical arms have diminished dexterity if the bases of these arms are close to each other. This result justifies our design and points to ways of improving the performance of existing designs that use continuum robots as surgical arms.



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2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

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October 25, 2012