Review: The Crucible of Experience: R.D. Laing and The Crisis of Psychotherapy

Russell, Roberta

Since RD Laing’s death on a tennis court in St. Tropez in 1989, at least eight books, and a profusion of articles have been added to the considerable collection of works by or about him. The latest addition, The Crucible of Experience, RD Laing & The Crisis of Psychotherapy by Daniel Burston promises to explain RD Laing’s therapeutic technique. Does it fulfill the book jacket’s advertisement, and tell us of Laing’s perception of a crisis in psychotherapy, as well?


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March 2, 2016


Review of The Crucible of Experience: RD Laing & The Crisis of Psychotherapy. Daniel Burston, 2000 Cambridge, Harvard University Press
168 pp. ISBN: 0-674-00217-2