4. Site 1072

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Site 1072 is the second of two sites approved for JOIDES Resolution drilling on the New Jersey continental shelf; together with Site 1071, it forms part of a transect of holes from the slope (Ocean Drilling Program [ODP] Leg 150) to coastal outcrops (Legs 150X and 174AX) that constitute the Mid-Atlantic Sea-level Transect. The primary goals of the transect are to: (1) date sequence boundaries of Oligocene to Holocene age and compare this stratigraphic record with the timing of glacial eustatic changes inferred from deep-sea d18O variations; (2) place constraints on the amplitudes and rates of sea-level change that may have been responsible for unconformity development; (3) assess the relationships between depositional facies and sequence architecture; and (4) provide a baseline for future scientific ocean drilling that will address the effects and timing of sea-level changes on this and other passive margins. Site 1072 is ~3.5 km seaward of Site 1071 and coincides with the rollover or breakpoint in sequence boundary m0.5(s). This site provides information primarily about upper Miocene and younger strata and permits a comparison, in the direction of progradation, with the succession at Site 1071.

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Continuing the New Jersey Mid-Atlantic Sea-Level Transect

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Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Reports, 174A
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September 5, 2013