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Periodic symplectic cohomologies and obstructions to exact Lagrangian immersions

Zhao, Jingyu

Given a Liouville manifold, symplectic cohomology is defined as the Hamiltonian Floer homology for the symplectic action functional on the free loop space. In this thesis, we propose two versions of periodic S^1-equivariant homology or S^1-equivariant Tate homology for the natural S^1-action on the free loop space. The first version is called periodic symplectic cohomology. We prove that there is a localization theorem or a fix point property for periodic symplectic cohomology. The second version is called the completed periodic symplectic cohomology which satisfies Goodwillie's excision isomorphism.
Inspired by the work of Seidel and Solomon on the existence of dilations on symplectic cohomology, we formulate the notion of Liouville manifolds admitting higher dilations using Goodwillie's excision isomorphism on the completed periodic symplectic cohomology. As an application, we derive obstructions to existence of certain exact Lagrangian immersions in Liouville manifolds admitting higher dilations.


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Abouzaid, Mohammed
Ph.D., Columbia University
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May 9, 2016