Todd, Henry Alfred; Weeks, Raymond

By the death at Baltimore on the ninth of November, 1910, of A. Marshall Elliott, professor of the Romance languages in the Johns Hopkins University, there has been stricken from the roll of active service the most conspicuous name in the contemporary annals of Modern Language instruction in America. Associated by family ties with the circle of Friends in the city of Baltimore, Mr. Elliott, from the earliest announcement of the Johns Hopkins endowment, was prominently mentioned in connection with a professorship in the new institution,—tho it is known that his own predilection was at that time toward the prosecution' of Oriental rather than Romance investigation. At the opening of the University in 1876, Elliott was only thirty-two years of age, but his reputation was already re-enforced by academic degrees from Haverford and Harvard Colleges and by prolonged travel and study in Europe and the Orient.

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July 22, 2015


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