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Indigenous Self-Determination and Political Rights: Practical Recommendations for Truth Commissions

Arthur, Paige

Truth commissions and commissions of inquiry are not new for Indigenous Peoples. In Guatemala, Peru, Australia, Chile, and Canada, Indigenous Peoples have been consulted, given statements, read reports, and more. Yet the larger question for Indigenous Peoples must be: how can a truth commission advance their longer-term vision of self-determination and full exercise of their political rights? Can a truth commission even make a difference on these issues? A truth commission cannot lead to self-determination by itself. But it may be part of a longer-term process leading in that direction. In order to contribute, however, they may need to operate a bit differently than in the past.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Access To Justice, Including Truth And Reconciliation Processes
Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University

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March 26, 2015


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