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Backchannel-Inviting Cues in Task-Oriented Dialogue: Presentation Slides

Hirschberg, Julia Bell; Gravano, Agustin

We examine BACKCHANNEL-INVITING CUES — distinct prosodic, acoustic and lexical events in the speaker’s speech that tend to precede a short response produced by the interlocutor to convey continued attention — in the Columbia Games Corpus, a large corpus of task-oriented dialogues. We show that the likelihood of occurrence of a backchannel increases quadratically with the number of cues conjointly displayed by the speaker. Our results are important for improving the coordination of conversational turns in interactive voice-response systems, so that systems can produce backchannels in appropriate places, and so that they can elicit backchannels from users in expected places.


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Proceedings of Interspeech 2009
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August 5, 2013


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