An X-Ray Image of the Composite Supernova Remnant SNR G16.7+0.1

Helfand, David J.; Agüeros, Marcel Andre; Gotthelf, E. V.

We have observed the Galactic supernova remnant G16.7+0.1 for 13 ks using the EPIC cameras on board the XMM-Newton X-Ray Observatory, producing the first X-ray image of the remnant. This composite radio remnant has a core radio flux density of only 100 mJy, making it one of the faintest radio synchrotron nebulae yet detected, although the core-to-shell flux ratio at 6 cm is typical of the growing class of composite remnants. Our image is seriously contaminated by bright arcs produced by singly reflected X-rays from the X-ray binary GX 17+2, which lies just outside the field of view, providing an interesting data analysis challenge. Nonetheless, the remnant's synchrotron core is clearly detected. We report on the spectrum and intensity of the core emission as well as on our search for emission from the thermal shell and describe the constraints these observations provide on the remnant's distance, age, and central pulsar properties.


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April 4, 2016