Gilda Pervin - ART CART Oral History

Pervin, Gilda; Rocha, Amanda; Teachers College. Research Center for Arts and Culture

Gilda Pervin began showing her art in school before moving to Texas where she started her first studio and then moved to New York City after seven years. In this oral history interview, she talks about her fascination with light and patterns from a young age and how they carry through her artwork today. She describes different pieces and series she has created and how the inspiration for them came from personal experiences in her life. Explaining her creative process, Pervin talks about combines painting, found materials, and cement to create her multimedia art that explores the passage of time and the idea of being caught in a moment. Her artwork is more about evoking individual meaning and experiences for her audience rather than making them see her motivations for creating the pieces.


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January 29, 2014


This zip archive contains audio files of an oral history interview and a text file describing themes addressed in the interview. For more information about the ART CART project, please visit their website: