Better the Puppet?*

Currie, James Robert

Bathos-it is something that many of us fear we might find ourselves
having to experience in the face of art. Who has not gone to art in need of
something, requiring to be healed in some way, yet nervous that magic
might not make an appearance that evening-anxious that one might have
to leave at the end laden down with the depressing thought that one had
never managed to transcend the literal fact that, for example, one had
been sitting in a theater watching a play? When we return outside, do we
not want that slightly far-away look in our eyes, that secret smile that says
that whilst we were in the theater we were not just in the theater? Do we
not desire to be able to feel that we "lost ourselves" and yet, at the same
time, were able to find the person we had lost in the first place, the person
whose disappearance instigated our being drawn toward art: in other words,



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November 15, 2014