Regularization in Tomographic Reconstruction Using Thresholding Estimators

Kalifa, Jerome; Laine, Andrew F.; Esser, Peter D.

In tomographic medical devices such as single photon emission computed tomography or positron emission tomography cameras, image reconstruction is an unstable inverse problem, due to the presence of additive noise. A new family of regularization methods for reconstruction, based on a thresholding procedure in wavelet and wavelet packet (WP) decompositions, is studied. This approach is based on the fact that the decompositions provide a near-diagonalization of the inverse Radon transform and of prior information in medical images. A WP decomposition is adaptively chosen for the specific image to be restored. Corresponding algorithms have been developed for both two-dimensional and full three-dimensional reconstruction. These procedures are fast, noniterative, and flexible. Numerical results suggest that they outperform filtered back-projection and iterative procedures such as ordered-subset-expectation-maximization.


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IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

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August 11, 2010