Image and narration (from Wickhoff to the Fantastic Four)

Pinotti, Andrea

"My research project at the Italian Academy deals with cultural tradition as a heritage
transmitted through images. In other words, with collective memory handed down
through figures. In my first paper, moving from the German art historian Aby Warburg,
I tried to interrogate the sense of a chain of images related to bodily postures expressing
emotions (pathos-formulae between the two polar extremes of ecstatic mania and
depressive melancholy): the analysis of the historical and formal link between Manet’s
Dejeuner sur l’herbe, Raimondi’s (and Raphael’s) Judgment of Paris and an Hellenistic
sarcophagus in Villa Medici, allowed me to reflect upon the meaning of the concepts of
“model” and “origin.”"



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March 31, 2011