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Querying text databases for efficient information extraction

Agichtein, Eugene; Gravano, Luis

A wealth of information is hidden within unstructured text. This information is often best exploited in structured or relational form, which is suited for sophisticated query processing, for integration with relational databases, and for data mining. Current information extraction techniques extract relations from a text database by examining every document in the database, or use filters to select promising documents for extraction. The exhaustive scanning approach is not practical or even feasible for large databases, and the current filtering techniques require human involvement to maintain and to adapt to new databases and domains. We develop an automatic query-based technique to retrieve documents useful for the extraction of user-defined relations from large text databases, which can be adapted to new domains, databases, or target relations with minimal human effort. We report a thorough experimental evaluation over a large newspaper archive that shows that we significantly improve the efficiency of the extraction process by focusing only on promising documents.


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Computer Science
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering
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May 10, 2013