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Two Thousand Kepler Phase Curves from Phasma

Kipping, David M.; Sandford, Emily Ruth; Jansen, Tiffany Channelle

This data repository accompanies the RNAAS article "Two Thousand Kepler Phase Curves from Phasma" by Kipping, Sandford & Jansen (2018). The repository contains files for 1998 unique Kepler Objects of Interest (KOIs), although the file names are based on the KIC (Kepler Input Catalog) identities. Each object has two associated files:

*.dat file containing a four-column plain-text ASCII of the final phase curves of each KOI binned to 500 evenly spaced points in phase. Column 1 = orbital periods since time of transit minimum; column 2 = binned relative flux in parts per million (ppm); column 3 = standard deviation (in ppm) of the binned flux divided by the square root of the number of points used to construct the bin; column 4 = mean photon noise of the unbinned data used to construct the bin divided by the square root of the number of points used.

*.pdf file containing a summary figure which is described in the accompanying RNAAS article.

Data are processed using the phasma algorithm first described in Jansen & Kipping (2018) and we direct the reader to the original paper for details.


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April 11, 2018

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