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Electron capture by Ne3+ ions from atomic hydrogen

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Rejoub, R.; Havener, C. C.; Bannister, M. E.; Verzani, C. J.; Wang, J. G.; Stancil, P. C.

Using the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ion-atom merged-beam apparatus, absolute total electron-capture cross sections have been measured for collisions of Ne3+ ions with hydrogen (deuterium) atoms at energies between 0.07 and 826 eV∕u. Comparison to previous measurements shows large discrepancies between 50 and 400 eV∕u. Previously published molecular-orbital close-coupling (MOCC) calculations were performed over limited energy ranges, but show good agreement with the present measurements. Here MOCC calculations are presented for energies between 0.01 and 1000 eV∕u for collisions with both H and D. For energies below ∼1 eV∕u, an enhancement in the magnitude of both the experimental and theoretical cross sections is observed which is attributed to the ion-induced dipole attraction between the reactants. Below ∼4 eV∕u, the present calculations show a significant target isotope effect.


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March 29, 2013
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