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Multicultural Religious Populations' Manifestations of Power and Control in Cases of Disordered Eating

Fierro, Orellana del

In reflecting about cultural psychology there is always a reminder to revert and
think back about the underlying issues that challenge the foundations of western
psychology and its practical and theoretical application in other cultures around the
world. One of these is the idea of power and control. At the root of diagnosing and
defining disorders, we are faced with questions that attempt to answer crucial
components of psychology at its core. Not only can traces of power and control be
present in the varying aspects of psychology, but also in the factors that contribute to
disorders. By examining characteristics that make up and affect individuals, therapists
can better understand the client population and provide appropriate treatment for those
who seek psychological services. This paper will address religion as one facet of culture
and expands on how it manifests notions of power and control in individuals with eating
disorders or in those who suffer from warped ideas of body image and physical



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Psychology (Barnard College)
B.A., Barnard College
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May 13, 2011