Cataclysmic Variables from Sloan Digital Sky Survey. V. The Fifth Year (2004)

Szkody, Paula; Henden, Arne; Agüeros, Marcel Andre; Anderson, Scott F.; Bochanski, John J.; Knapp, Gillian R.; Mannikko, Lee; Mukadam, Anjum; Silvestri, Nicole M.; Schmidt, Gary D.; Stephanik, Brian; Watson, Todd K.; West, Andrew A.; Winget, Don; Wolfe, Michael A.; Barentine, J. C.; Brinkmann, J.; Brewington, Howard J.; Downes, Ronald A.; Harvanek, Michael; Kleinman, S. J.; Krzesinski, Jurek; Long, Dan; Neilsen, Eric H.; Nitta, Atsuko; Schneider, Donald P.; Snedden, Stephanie A.; Voges, Wolfgang

This paper identifies the cataclysmic variables that appear in spectra obtained in 2004 as part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Spectra of 41 objects, including seven systems that were previously known (CC Cnc, DW Cnc, PQ Gem, AR UMa, AN UMa, RX J1131.3+4322, and UMa 6) and 34 new cataclysmic variables are presented. The positions and ugriz photometry of all 41 systems are given, as well as additional follow-up spectroscopic, photometric, and/or polarimetric observations of eight of the new systems. The new objects include three eclipsing systems, six with prominent He II emission, and six systems that show the underlying white dwarf.


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April 4, 2016