Electrical transport properties of an isolated CdS microrope composed of twisted nanowires

Yu, Gui-Feng; Yu, Miao; Pan, Wei; Han, Wen-Peng; Yan, Xu; Zhang, Jun-Cheng; Zhang, Hong-Di; Long, Yun-Ze

CdS is one of the important II-VI group semiconductors. In this paper, the electrical transport behavior of an individual CdS microrope composed of twisted nanowires is studied. It is found that the current–voltage (I-V) characteristics show two distinct power law regions from 360 down to 60 K. Space-charge-limited current (SCLC) theory is used to explain these temperature- and electric-field-dependent I-V curves. The I-V data can be well fitted by this theory above 100 K, and the corresponding carrier mobility, trap energy, and trap concentration are also obtained. However, the I-V data exhibit some features of the Coulomb blockade effect below 80 K.


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Nanoscale Research Letters

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February 2, 2015


CdS microrope, Space-charge-limited current, Coulomb blockade