Optimal State-Free, Size-aware Dispatching for Heterogeneous M/G/-type systems

Feng, Hanhua; Misra, Vishal; Rubenstein, Daniel Stuart

We consider a cluster of heterogeneous servers, modeled as M/G/1 queues with different processing speeds. The scheduling policies for these servers can be either processor-sharing or first-come first-serve. Furthermore, a dispatcher that assigns jobs to the servers takes as input only the size of the arriving job and the overall job-size distribution. This general model captures the behavior of a variety of real systems, such as web server clusters. Our goal is to identify assignment strategies that the dispatcher can perform to minimize expected completion time and waiting time. We show that there exist optimal strategies that are deterministic, fixing the server to which jobs of particular sizes are always sent. We prove that the optimal strategy for systems with identical servers assigns a non-overlapping interval range of job sizes to each server. We then prove that when server processing speeds differ, it is necessary to assign each server a distinct set of intervals of job sizes in order to minimize expected waiting or response times. We explore some of the practical challenges of identifying the optimal strategy, and also study a related problem that uses our model of how to provision server processing speeds to minimize waiting and completion time given a job size distribution and fixed aggregate processing power.



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Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-021-05
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April 26, 2011