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Glossary – Strike-slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation

Biddle, Kevin T.; Christie-Blick, Nicholas

Many of the geological terms having to do with strike slip deformation, basin formation, and sedimentation are used in a variety of ways by different authors (e.g., pull-apart basin), or they are synonymous with other words (e.g., left-lateral, sinistral). Rather than enforcing a rigorously uniform terminology in this book, we decided to set down our preferred definitions in a glossary, and where appropriate to indicate alternative usage In selecting terms for definition, we have tried to steer a course between being overly encyclopedic and providing a list useful to those having little familiarity with the geology of strike slip basins, especially those described in this volume. Some words (e.g., cycle) have additional meanings in the geological sciences not included here, and this glossary should therefore be used in the context of strike slip basins. The references cited are those from which we obtained definitions, or which illustrate the concept embodied by a particular term. We have not attempted to provide original references for every term, especially for those long used in the geological literature.


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Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation
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