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Multicultural Competency in Couples and Family Therapy for Latinos

Bagarella, Nicole

Current demographic studies in the U.S. have shown an increase in the Latino population. It is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups and is estimated to reach a population of 62 million by the year 2020 (U.S Census Bureau, 1998). It is important that health care providers and social services develop strategies to assist this growing ethnic minority, particularly in the field of psychology. Marriage counselors and family therapists will be required to respond to the increase in Latino families seeking psychological services by developing multicultural methods of therapy. Therapists need to acknowledge that traditional white middle class models of psychotherapy need to adapt in order to become transferable to clients with different cultural backgrounds. Multicultural competency is essential for family therapists working with Latino families who experience different socioeconomic and political situations. This essay attempts to examine issues surrounding the use of multicultural guidelines in developing cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency in marriage and family therapy for Latinos.


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Psychology (Barnard College)
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Seeley, Karen M.
B.A., Barnard College
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April 15, 2011