Colorimetric Humidity Sensors Based on Electrospun Polyamide/CoCl2 Nanofibrous Membranes

You, Ming-Hao; Yan, Xu; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Xiao-Xiong; He, Xiao-Xiao; Yu, Miao; Ning, Xin; Long, Yun-Ze

Humidity indicators based on composite polyamide 66/cobalt chloride (PA66/CoCl2) nanofibrous membranes (NFMs) were successfully fabricated by electrospinning. A series of NFMs with various weight percentage of CoCl2 to PA66 were prepared, and their humidity sensitivity based on color changing and quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) were studied. Due to the color change property of cobalt chloride, the as-spun composite NFMs show obviously macroscopic color change from blue to pink as relative humidity (RH) increasing from 12.4 to 97.2%. Moreover, the QCM detection showed a linear dependence on the RH changing and exhibited short response/recovery time (less than 65.4 s/11 s), small hysteresis (less than 11%), good reproducibility, and stability. Owing to the above double sensitive mechanism on RH, the PA66/CoCl2 composite NFM may show great potential applications from meticulous to coarse.


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November 16, 2017


Keywords: Colorimetric humidity sensor, Electrospinning, PA66/CoCl2 nanofibrous membranes