A Call to Arms for the Fairness Doctrine

Okamoto, Mieko Joan

"Thus, it is no surprise that the recent media hype surrounding the debate over the reinstitution of the Fairness Doctrine has provoked concerns over the sanctity of free speech. Repealed in 1987, the doctrine decrees that the electronic media have a responsibility to air issues of public importance and in doing so must provide a balanced discussion of contrasting viewpoints. The opponents to the Fairness Doctrine relentlessly argue that any government intervention of the press will severely encroach upon First Amendment rights. They have labeled its proponents—conspicuous among them Senator Ernest Hollings and Representative Edward Markey—as leaders of a "Hush Rush" movement to restrict free speech and accomplish their own political agendas.
But hidden from our ken in this so-called "war against the Big Brother" of government are the covert atrocities of the media that skillfully betray our faith in the freedom of the press and exploit its power as the conduit of public information to propagate their own interests.."--from page 25


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February 12, 2014