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High Frequency Word Entrainment in Spoken Dialogue: Presentation Powerpoint Slides

Hirschberg, Julia Bell; Nenkova, Ani; Gravano, Agustin

Cognitive theories of dialogue hold that entrainment, the automatic alignment between dialogue partners at many levels of linguistic representation, is key to facilitating both production and comprehension in dialogue. In this paper we examine novel types of entrainment in two corpora—Switchboard and the Columbia Games corpus. We examine entrainment in use of high-frequency words (the most common words in the corpus), and its association with dialogue naturalness and flow, as well as with task success. Our results show that such entrainment is predictive of the perceived naturalness of dialogues and is significantly correlated with task success; in overall interaction flow, higher degrees of entrainment are associated with more overlaps and fewer interruptions.


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August 5, 2013


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