Rio Conventions Redux: An Argument for Merging the Trio into a Single Convention on Environmental Management

Young, Walker

On the topic of the Rio Conventions, there are valid arguments that the separation of environmental management into three different subject areas (climate change, biological diversity and desertification) with different implementing bodies is not an ideal approach. Specifically, the United Nations would achieve better results if the three Rio Conventions were consolidated into one Convention on Environmental Management (CEM). This would allow the slimming of UN organizations into a stronger consolidated body which would be more effective in addressing the convention goals due to enhanced integration and coordinated assessment and implementation. By consolidating secretariats and moving operations to a single location, the CEM would benefit from enhanced knowledge management and greater efficiency of operations. Further, a systems theory view of environmental management supports an integrated approach that maximizes sustainability by addressing interdependent ecosystem functions in a holistic matter and not reducing them to separate thematic areas.


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Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development

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December 9, 2015