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Pyar Ke Taal

Vira, Mansi

Pyar Ke Taal is a Bollywood inspired Kathak number that depicts the dancer’s timeless love for dance and music. This “love story” is narrated with intricate footwork and eye movements. The dancer creates ornamental patterns in space and time to two very popular Bollywood songs, following the conventional Kathak structure from slow to fast tempo, ending with a dramatic climax. Although heavily rhythmic, this piece is infused with lyrical melodies, allowing the viewer to vicariously experience the vast array of sounds throughout the performance. The costume and jewelry presented in this piece are modernized, with a flavor of Bollywood. A traditional Kathak costume consists of a long, full-sleeved gown that is tight fitting above the waist and skirt-like below. Figure-fitting trousers cover the legs and give the appearance of cloth bangles with the many bells tied around the ankles. The skirt-like portion of the costume is cut in a way that during spins, the skirt flares out dramatically. The jewelry typically is gold and red with an antique finish. The most significant accessories are the 50-100 bells worn on the ankles; their distinctive sound complements and often even sets the rhythm for the dance. In this piece, just like in any Kathak piece, the beats are the heart and soul of the dance. Whether she is just moving her eyes, hands, feet, or any of these in combination, the dancer never skips a single beat. She eulogizes the beats as a way to express her sheer love for dance through two songs that describe this very love.



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September 24, 2013