SIMD Tree Algorithms for Image Correlation

Ibrahim, Hussein; Kender, John R.; Shaw, David Elliot

This paper examines the applicability of fine-grained tree-structured SIMD machines, which are amenable to highly efficient VLSI implementation to image correlation which is a representative of image window-based operations. Several algorithms are presented for image shifting and correlation operations. A particular massively parallel machine called NON-VON is used for purposes of explication and performance evaluation. Although the most recent version of the NON-VON architecture also supports other interconnection topologies and execution modes, only its tree-structured communication capabilities and its SIMD mode of execution are considered in this paper. Novel algorithmic techniques are described, such as vertical pipelining, subproblem partitioning, associative matching, and data duplication that effectively exploit the massive parallelism available in fine-grained SIMD tree machines while avoiding communication bottlenecks. Simulation results are presented and compared with results obtained or forecast for other highly parallel machines. The relative advantages and limitations of the class of machines under consideration are then outlined.



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Academic Units
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-222-86
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October 31, 2011