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Vision-Based Displacement Sensor for Monitoring Dynamic Response Using Robust Object Search Algorithm

Fukuda, Yoshio; Feng, Maria Q.; Narita, Yuto; Kaneko, Shun'ichi; Tanaka, Takayuki

This paper develops a vision-based displacement measurement system for remote monitoring of vibration of large-size structures such as bridges and buildings. The system consists of one or multiple video cameras and a notebook computer. With a telescopic lens, the camera placed at a stationary point away from a structure captures images of an object on the structure. The structural displacement is computed in real time through processing the captured images. A robust object search algorithm developed in this paper enables accurate measurement of the displacement by tracking existing features on the structure without requiring a conventional target panel to be installed on the structure. A sub-pixel technique is also proposed to further reduce measurement errors cost-effectively. The efficacy of the vision system in remote measurement of dynamic displacements was demonstrated through a shaking table test and a field experiment on a long-span bridge.


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Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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December 6, 2013
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