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The Role of SGZ Neurogenesis in Hippocampal Dependent Learning and Memory

Potz, Brittany

Advances in technology have allowed for the discovery of adult neurogenesis in the human brain. Adult neurogenesis is found only in the subventricular zone (SVZ) and subgranular zone (SGZ) in the dentate gyrus region of the hippocampal formation. There are two types of progenitors found in the SGZ and their growth is thought to be influenced by their immediate environment called the neurogenic niche. Research suggests that new neurons generated in the brain are integrated into existing brain circuitry. This paper will focus on neurogenesis in the SGZ and provide evidence supporting its influence on the hippocampal functions of learning and memory. It appears that some forms of hippocampal dependent learning influence levels of neurogenesis and that the number of adult born neurons influences learning and memory. SGZ neurogenesis is thought to be regulated by factors such as genetics, environment, and age. These factors regulate some forms of hippocampal dependent tasks in a correlative manner. Research on the function of SGZ neurogenesis in hippocampal dependent learning and memory comes to varying conclusions that are caused by differences in procedures. Research indicates that the relationship between adult neurogenesis in the SGZ and hippocampal dependent learning and memory may be dependent on: the age of the neurons, the age of the subjects and the type of learning that is occurring. More work needs to be done before a comprehensive understanding of the functionality of adult neurogenesis can be made.



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Lin, Carol
M.A., Columbia University
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September 1, 2011